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State of Georgia vs. R.C.

Case Conclusion Date: 09.10.2012

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: 1 charge dismissed and Significantly reduced plea offer from 2 years down to probation

Description: Client was charged in two different cases. He moved out of state for his job and missed the notice for his court date. He was arrested on a bench warrant and extradited to Georgia. He sat in jail for 6 months before someone referred him to Brian Tevis. Brian quickly obtained the necessary records from out of state to get his case going forward again and filed motions to suppress evidence and a demurrer. He then successfully negotiated a plea deal from what the DA wanted (5 years to serve 2 years in prison) down to a sentence commuted to time served and some probation with one of the charges to be dropped. The client took the new offer on the spot and was released from jail within 24 hours.

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