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Dale Preiser’s reviews

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  • Steer Clear of this Lawyer!

    1.0 star

    Posted by Frank

    We hired Dale Preiser to help enforce our judgments. He represented himself to be experienced with collection matters but unfortunately, he was clueless as to how to proceed. He simply took our money and then dreamt up ways of depleting the retainer. He screened my calls and regularily played telephone games with m. His excuse was that he knew what I was calling about and he didn't want to waste my money by picking up the phone and hashing over the same old things! Of course only I knew what I wanted to talk about and I certainly didn't want to pay him to hash over the same old things. He actually said that he didn't think he was obligated to speak with me! The guy never billed me until after he figured out creative ways to exhaust the retainer and quit. When I received the bill, I found out that he had padded his billing going back to before I signed his retainer agreement. Here are some examples:

    1. He billed me for the "free" initial consultation.
    2. I called to ask if the retainer agreement was ready to be signed. It wasn't, however he billed me $30 for that call.
    3. He doubted my story, so he went to the courthouse to verify. Everything I told him was true, but he billed me for time spent at the courthouse anyway.
    4. He neglected to sign the substitution of counsel form so the previous attorney had to call him about it. He billed me $30 for that call.
    5. When I sent him my first email, I called to let him know it was in his in box. Of course, he wouldn't answer his phone so I left a message asking him to check his email. He didn't look at his email but he did charge $30 for listening to the message asking him to do so.
    6. I had to leave a second message asking him to look. He charged $30 for listening to that message as well.
    7. The email was full of important information. Rather than actually act on any of it, he simply double billed me for reading it twice after receiving my second message.
    8. Rather than picking up the phone, he drove to the Sheriff's office only to find that he was on vacation. He billed me for that trip.
    9. He billed me $30 for leaving a voice message on an answering machine asking that another attorney call him back.
    10. He billed me for telling me that he had no idea what he was doing so he was quitting. He offered to find a replacement attorney however he couldn't even do that, but he did bill me for trying.
    11. He was so lost, he sought advice from a Judge Mentor and billed me for that and then he didn't follow that advice.
    12. He billed me for forms he purchased but he refused to provide copies of those forms to me.
    13. He left his firm, but didn't tell me.
    14. He neglected to file our judgment.
    15. He lost our judgment and would not pay to replace it.
    16. He refused to answer questions about our judgment.
    17. He neglected to garnish a bank account that I provided to him.
    18. He repeatedly violated his own retainer agreement.
    22. His retainer promised I would not be charged for copy or postage fees, but he billed for them anyway.
    23. He demanded an additional $10,000 threatening that if I did not forward the money instantly, he would tell the Court that I was in arrears!

    I had to go to the Georgia Bar Association. They defended their former president as much as they could but even they had to agree that I didn't hire Mr. Preiser to write a resignation letter or to bring a motion to withdraw.

    Everything I have stated is true. As a matter of fact, you can feel free to call me because I won't hide behind anonymity.


    Dale T. Preiser’s response: “Frank Howard is not being truthful in his review. He failed to mention that he filed a greivance with the Georgia State Bar. The matter was thoroughly investigated and his claims were unsubstantiated. He appealed the decision and was denied. After that process, he filed for fee arbitration with the State Bar. Again, his allegations were found to be unjustified. I provided the services that were listed in the representation agreement and stand by my work.”
  • One of the BEST attorneys around!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    My experience with Dale Preiser was excellent. Not only was his rate very reasonable, the time and effort he put into my case was above and beyond that of any other lawyer I've ever had. He sincerely cares about his clients. He kept me updated on the status of my case and always returned any phone calls in a timely manner. His assistant was always a pleasure to speak with and provided great customer service. Dale Preiser is my attorney for life and I recommend him to everyone. If you want good results and a good lawyer/client relationship, this is your guy! Thanks Dale!