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Brett Ladd

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  • Very upset with this attorney......

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    My daughter gave this attorney her retainer for a divorce last February, and has not had any correspondence from him at all.......none. She was referred to him by a lady at her work that also gave him her money......That was last "November" for an uncontested divorce, and she is still not divorced.....
    Mr. Ladd has taken these ladies money and done nothing........

    Brett Ladd’s response: “Of course, reviews like the foregoing are always a concern. Importantly, the review was not from a client, but from a parent of a client. Each client's case is different. There may be reasons that matters linger, and there are also things that, sadly, people do not share with their family members. I do know that every case in which I was asked to file a divorce action this year, I have done so. There are often reasons that things go "on hold," or get a chance to cool off. Financial considerations of a client are often the reason for that. Often, it is the lawyers who are willing to "fall on the sword" to protect his or her client, while the client "blames the lawyer" instead of sharing all of the information with others. That's part of the business for lawyers, especially in domestic relations cases. As a lawyer, I will gladly take the blame for things, in order to protect my client. Doing so helps them have better relationships with children and ex-spouses in the future.”
  • Child Custody Case

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I was in a dispute with my ex husband about who would take sole custody of our children. Mr. Ladd help me fight my ex in court and won sole custody of my children.

    Mr. Ladd was on point and understand with my situation. His staff was amazing and very helpful. I would defiantly recommend Mr. Ladd to all my friends.

  • Brett Ladd: the most amazing lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Daniel

    My wife and i had spilt up i was givin temp custody in magisrate court. my wife was mad went to the womens avocate center for help she made up a hole story how i had beat her up. which in fact had never happened. she got a tpo and took my daughter from me. so at this point i had to find a lawyer. i feel God intoduced us together cause of how we met (brett and i) because i was on felony probation i was facing jail time for what my wife was accusing she was trying to become a citizen through demestic violence. and trying to get alomony..... well at this point Brett looked over the info and simply smiled and told me that this was going to be simple cause all her dates were wrong. later at court he got her to addmit that she had lied tpo dropped i was no longer facing any jail time and he made her look dumb for lieing to recieve a free lawyer. we got split custody, but brett didnt wanna fight her then he said he knew alll the tricks he made it look like it was all over made her sign a bunch of rules and if she broke them she would be arrested. he told me lets let her hang her self ...... cause next time we go to civil court she will have no lawyer well need less to say he was right not even a week later she is already in sevear violation arrestable. he knew she was going to mess up. so im about to get full custody he stays in touch everyday by facebook. he is nolonger just my lawyer but has become one of my closes most trust worthy friends. i know i cabask him any question and get the right answe. then on top of that he showed me things with a computer by satalight so we can prove she is in violation like circling the house to see if she has a man sleeping with her while the kids are with her the most major violation. i wanna thank you brett for everything u have helped my family with u are definetly a blessing From GOD. i thank u for everything u have done for my daughter and i. ive had other lawyers before but none have ever amounted to BRETT LADD..... i recomend him to any person any case he will be the only lawyer i will ever pay again.....for criminal or civil case

  • Review of Ladd law firm

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Steve

    Imagine -you have to go to a lawyer. Can be divorce, car wreck, someone hit you, you hit someone, suing your neighbor, family in trouble, son plays hockey and beat someone up, even couple of kids doing wrong together. Don't matter if there fault or yours. No matter what the issue is, walking into a lawyers office makes the blood pressure rise and dollar signs are flying in your head., Mr Ladd from day one to the last day, I never once felt uncomfortable and was greeted by a receptionist with a smile. Is he a lawyer, yes, he asks questions in a very lawyer type of way and then you give answers. BUT TRUST HIM, BE HONEST WITH HIM AND HE WILL BE HONEST WITH YOU. Not rude, not talked down to, but direct questions that need answered per your problem and I respected that. You might not like the answer or worse case. However, Mr Ladd will let you know what to do and what is best for your family and your issue and the other options but I made a decision, he did not push back or act lie a know it all and your a dummy for making that decision. He seem to put himself in my shoes and look at it from my side. Once you made the decision, no matter what it is, I would want him on my side!!!!!!!!!! Only issue, to many choices for what type of cases did this lawyer handle which is not his fault holy cow.