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Kenneth Ray Bernard Jr.

Kenneth Bernard’s Legal Guides

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  • Hip Replacement Recall: Is It a Little Too Late?

    A large manufacturer and player in the manufacture, marketing, and distribution of health products finally concedes that its hip replacement devices are flawed after a series of recalls, including Children's Tylenol and Acuvue contact lenses. DePuy Orthopaedics, a division o...

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  • Hit and Run Legal Issues for the Car Accident Victim

    Hit and run cases usually involve at least three different issues for the car accident victim: 1). Becoming a possible witness in a criminal prosecution against the at fault driver for leaving the scene of an accident and/or causing the accident; 2). Becoming a claimant for prope...

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  • Your Worst Nightmare: A Vacation Auto Accident Involving Personal Injury

    Your car is packed and you are headed to the beach for a week of summer fun with the family. A few miles from your destination, a young driver pulls from a side street. With no time to react, you are in a serious t-bone car accident far from home and in another state. The last...

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