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Taff R. Wren

About Taff Wren

About me

I began my career working at my father's law office primarily handling domestic and/or family law cases. All I had ever wanted to do was to go to trial and litigate, but I realized handling Family Law Matters would result in few trials and even fewer jury trials.  To broaden my chances of getting more trial work, I decided to join Gwinnett County's Appointed Lawyer list.  At first, I was a little disappointed on the types of cases the magistrate judges were appointing me, so I decided I needed to introduce myself around to other judges in other courts.  I went and introduced myself to the judges with Gwinnett County's Recorder's Court, and as a result, begin getting appointed DUI cases left and right.  From the start I was hooked.  I was so surprised and enthralled at how complicated and vast DUI litigation was, I knew I needed to learn from the best if I was/am to become the best, so I went to every DUI seminar available, received training in administering standardized field sobriety tests and DUI detection, and attended various trial seminars/colleges.  As a result I have focused my entire legal practice towards DUI Defense and/or other DUI related cases, and 2011 has been a very successful year.  Everyday I am excited to go to work knowing I get to help those who are virtually helpless and the various challenges and the excitement I experience handling those challenges.  I am truly blessed to have found a career and type of law I truly love practicing.