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Allen Matthews Trapp Jr.

Allen Trapp’s Legal Guides

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  • Blood Testing & Possible Contaminants in the Vial

    More Than One Culprit There are a host of other organisms that are capable of altering the blood alcohol content of a specimen. In a study involving over 100 specimens ninety-four percent of all for

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  • Asthma Inhalers and Breath Alcohol Testing

    False High Reading on Infrared Breath Testing Devices. A study conducted in 1998 added information to the question of alveolar exchange alteration. T. Martinez and R. Martinez, The Effect of an Inhal

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  • Problems When Drawing Blood Samples

    Failure to Invert IS a Big Deal The largest manufacturer of blood collection kits in the country readily admits that the failure to invert the tubes eight to ten times may result in microclotting of

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  • Forensic Blood Tests: Not Always the Gold Standard

    When an expiration date has passed, look for the following problems: 1. A bad seal on the vacutainer, which is impossible to detect after the test, because it has been opened. 2. Improper amount o

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  • Driving Under the Influence... When You're Not...

    The Changing Legal Landscape "We need to treat DUID as important [an offense] as murder, rape, and child molestation.” — John Bobo, Director, National Traffic Law Center. “Enforcement and Prosecution

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  • The Effects of Sedative-Hypnotic Drug Products on Sleep Driving

    FDA Requests Label Change for All Sleep Disorder Drug Products These risks include severe allergic reactions and complex sleep-related behaviors, which may include sleep-driving. Sleep driving is de

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  • Old-fashioned Heartburn: Its Effect on a Breath Test

    GERD - How it Can Alter Your Breath Test The impact on breath testing is whether alcohol erupting from the stomach into the mouth from gastric reflux (generally a silent response) poses a problem wit

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  • Problems with Infrared Breath Testing Devices

    Intoxilyzers and Other Infrared Breath Testing Machines Have Similar Problems A major issue with infrared breath testing devices is that they not only detect the ethyl alcohol found in alcoholi

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  • Sandra Veiga's Inspection of the Intoxilyzer 8000 in Miami-Dade County

    Florida Breath Tests in Doubt Defense attorneys were in a Miami courtroom on October 23, 2008, seeking a judge’s order to inspect the hard drives every Intoxilyzer 8000 used in Miami-Dade County. Bef

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