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Aundrea Lattressa Roberts

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  • My guardian angel

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Marshall

    Mrs. Roberts has handled two separate cases for me. In both of my cases Mrs Roberts always kept in touch with me even though she was on other cases before she had to represent me. When I called her or left a message I always received a response from her office. I chose Mrs. Roberts to represent me because when she consulted with me she was straight forward about potential outcomes to my cases. She never tried to to give me false guarantees to get my business. I called several lawyers and she was the only one that was a genuine human being. She was able to handle a criminal case and a custody case for me. She was very empathetic and it showed through her efforts for me and her performance during litigation. She always asked me to make the choices a felt were best for me even if the out come was not. In my criminal case I walked away a free man with an expunged record. Mrs Roberts saved my future. I was at risk of not being able to pursuit a career in chronicle mental health counseling. After my custody case I was given more time with my kids and more access to there lives.

    Mrs. Roberts' office was near the court house and she was familiar with the officers of the court. In my opinion having a local lawyer that has a close working relationship with a court goes a long way in helping your case. Having an outside lawyer makes it more difficult for you when in court. They might not know the moods and attitudes of the judges. Mrs Roberts did know and was very effective in utilizing interpersonal skills with the court.

    My experience with Mrs. Roberts as my legal adviser was a good one. I would recommend her to anyone who would want an attorney that would fiercely advocate for their client in court and be very compassionate towards their client as well.

  • Mrs. Roberts Saved My Family

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Immigration client

    Mrs. Roberts was really a great help to me and my wife. My wife had been in the states for 20 years and was about to deported. With Mrs. Roberts help and filling out the necessary paperwork my wife was able to stay and is now a U.S. citizen. Mrs. Roberts was very patient with us and understanding. I would recommend her to any of my family or friends!


    1.0 star

    Posted by a Immigration client

    We used her for an immigration service. She seemed nice at the start, but once we handed her the monies for her to represent us, she became unavailable and slow in EVERYTHING! In what could have taken my wife and I 1 day to complete all the paperwork, took her 2 months of us emailing her, and calling her.
    She then missed a few forms, so the US Govt sent us an "Evidence Request" for the additional forms (tax forms) - of which I had previously asked her if we required to send these in.
    After 2 more weeks of emails and phone calls to her on this simple issue and her not being direct or returning my communication efforts in order for us to send this form off, she fired us after I sent her a stern email asking her to do her actual job!
    She was also to appear at the interview with the immigration office - of which is the main reason she convinced us we needed her. She has since kept our money, and no longer representing us at the meeting.
    DO NOT USE HER!!!!!!