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Eli Aragorn Echols

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  • How to proceed from here???

    I am a jamaican student currently on F-1 status which expires in May 2011. I was adopted by my grandfather in law before the age of 16 who was married to grandma who passed away 4years ago. He has been my caretaker from the day I was born, but the...

    Eli’s Answer

    Your case appears to fall in a very tricky area of immigration law that requires a very close examination of all the details of your case. You should talk to your attorney until you understand it. If your attorney is not able to explain it so that you can understand it, you should get a second opinion. I would recommend finding an attorney who is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association in your area and talk it through until you understand your situation. Good luck!

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  • Immigration

    i want to apply for my citenship i have my resident card for the past 3 years and currently i'm getting divorce my petitioner was my wife will this affect me in any way

    Eli’s Answer

    Unfortunately, yes. In order to be eligible to naturalize after only three years in lawful permanent resident status, you must show that you have been married to a United States citizen for that entire three year period and that your United States citizen spouse has been a citizen for at least those three years. You must still be married to the United States citizen at the time of the naturalization interview. If you are divorced before your naturalization interview that obviously would not work. If you do not qualify as the spouse of a United States citizen you will have to wait to apply for naturalization until you have had your green card for five years.
    That said, I am not your attorney, you are not my client, and I do not know anything more about your case than the question presents. There may be more to your situation that could change my answer. As a result, I recommend contacting an attorney who belongs to the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) for advice. Good luck!

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