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  • My job denied me a quiet place to pump milk, I was told they didn't have a room and I should use the fitting room, can I sue?

    Macys INC No private place to pump

    Paula’s Answer

    If you've gone to HR to complain and that hasn't resolved the issue, you must first file a charge with the EEOC or Maryland Human Rights Commission. I have provided contact information for both agencies.

    Maryland Commission on Civil Rights
    William Donald Schaefer Tower
    6 Saint Paul Street, Suite 900
    Baltimore, MD 21202
    Phone: (410) 767-8600
    Fax: (410) 333-1841

    3. Equal Employment Opportunity
    Commission (EEOC):
    U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity
    10 South Howard Street, 3rd Floor
    Baltimore, MD 21201
    Phone: (410) 962-3932
    Toll Free: 1-800-669-4000

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  • Do I have to provide a detailed answer to an interrogatory?

    I received a post judgment interrogatory for a debt I owe but cannot pay. If I send them copy of the court ordered child support garnishment coming out of my pay and a copy of my pay stub will that suffice without gathering four years of bank sta...

    Paula’s Answer

    Yes, more than one person can garnish your wages as long as it does not exceed the statutory amount. Just in case you have not read it, I have provided a link to the Maryland court information sheet on garnishments. If this does not answer your questions, you may want to pay for a consultation to discuss your responsibilities to respond to the garnishment questions.

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  • My lawyer made me sign some papers in the beginning of the case and now I feel like may be he got me signed the settelment doc.?

    My question is that can a lawyer make you sign a paper which says that i have to accept the money whatever my lawyer has accepted for the other company whom i am sueing? Or that paper always comes at the end of the case and you can review about th...

    Paula’s Answer

    First, call your attorney and demand to see your file, including the paper you signed at the beginning of the case. If you are unhappy with your attorney, take that document and your file to another attorney to review your file.

    Please remember, nobody, except a judge can make you file a document unless the person threatens bodily harm to you. It is up to you to stand up and refuse to sign documents you do not agree with or you do not have time to read.

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  • Do I need to go to court?

    I'm the primary buyer on a vehicle, it's also a co-buyer. The co-buyer has taken the car when my licence was suspended and will not return the vehicle. I don't know where the vehicle is because it isn't art the co-buyers residence.

    Paula’s Answer

    More information is needed. The question you posed is "Do I need to go to court?"
    So, who is suing?
    Are you named as a defendant?
    Why is the person/entity suing?

    If you and the co-buyer are being sued by the lender, you should go to court. It doesn't matter where the car is located, you can still lose the case and have a judgement against you? Also, you should consult with an attorney in an office visit to discuss the matter fully and to determine if you can file a cross-claim against the co-buyer.

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  • Do I have to pay garbage water and sewer -satilite removal for a month after I left my apartment.

    I moved out August 2015 paid September rent and fee for breaking lease. Paid last water and sewage trash bill. Manager did not tell me till the day I turned in the key that I need to remove satilite dish. Now the for payment for water trash and ga...

    Paula’s Answer

    If you put the satellite dish up, unless there is something in the lease that says otherwise, you should have removed you before you left.

    If you moved out in August and paid the bill that covers August's usage, you need him to show you the disputed bill. Sometimes, there is a delay in billing. For instance, the September bills charge for use for all or a part of August. Of course, the bills sent in Septemberl from the trash company and water company will show what period they cover. If he refuses to provide it, and he withholds your security deposit, sue in small claims.

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  • What to do when my room mate crosses the line and threatens me?

    I rent an apartment and my room mate who is not on my lease, nor on a contract has been late with the rent concurrently. He has been out of work and recently found employment; however, I sent him a text msg advising him that he has to leave by th...

    Paula’s Answer

    I doubt the police would want to get involved unless you were physically threatened.

    If you don't want to consult with an attorney in an office visit, you should read the Georgia landlord-tenant handbook regarding steps to take to file and pursue the dispossessory against him for nonpaymen of rent.

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  • Worth pursuing? Deposit was $850, received $200 back

    Lived in my home almost 6 years. Move in check list shows scrapes on wall, holes in wall (nails, picture hanging and shelvings). During my residency I placed stickers on my childs wall (smallest room) and didn't get them off. Letter from landl...

    Paula’s Answer

    The time and effort you expend for pursing $650, may not be worth the effort. Most times, you have to spend about three hours in court. Moreover, there is no guarantee youwill get your deposit. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the landlord won't file a counterclaim if you move forward.

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  • I am the petitioner Can my attorney ask for dismissal for want of prosecution for divorce case without my approval?

    Been separated since 2009 i have two children from marriage and now have 2 with current domestic partner. I filed for divorce 6/13 2 settlement proposals sent to wife's attorney no response and are not coming to court. So my attorney decides to as...

    Paula’s Answer

    Ask you attorney why he did this, and why he didn't seek your approval beforehand. If he doesn't give you a satisfacatory answer, find another attorney immediately. He should have explained this to you before he sought dismissal.

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  • Can I get out of my lease?

    We moved in a 3 room apartment on 3/12 the place was roach infested so the management moved us into a 2 room temporarily on 3/13 so they could fix the problem.we signed a new lease for 3/13 to 4/27.we moved all of our belongings out and is not occ...

    Paula’s Answer

    Based on the facts you provided, in your case, unfortunately, timing is everything.

    The problem is you always had the right not to sign the second lease, but you did. At the time the lease was presented to you, you always had the right to demand a full year lease on the two bedroom, but you didn't.

    I assume, the three room apartment is no longer roach infested, because you moved you things back to the three bedroom. So, apparently, they fixed the problem. Nevertheless, the time to negotiate a stay in the two bedroom was before you moved your items back to the three bedroom.

    If a problem arises again with roach infestation in the larger apartment, negotiate a move into the smaller location. At that point, make sure the lease of the three bedroom is voided.

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  • Is it legal for your employer to terminate you while out on long term disability in Georgia?

    I am not receiving a paycheck from my employer. I was receiving medical, dental & vision insurance from employer, I was paying my employee portion of the insurance.

    Paula’s Answer

    More information is needed on why the employer stated you were terminated. You are not immune from termination simply because you are on long term disability. However, the employer cannot target you because you are on long term disability. You should discuss the matter in detail during a office visit with an experienced employee benefits attorney in the Macon area

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