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Under 21 DUI Charge Reduced to Reckless Driving

Practice Area: DUI and DWI

Outcome: (Not available)

Description: Our client was under the age of 21 at the time that he was arrested for DUI. Our client refused to submit to field sobriety tests. After his arrest, our client submitted to the test of his breath, which produced a result of .110 and .099. The arresting officer in this case was very competent and reasonable, but our investigation showed that he failed to comply with the GBI's breath testing training guidelines. After a motions hearing, our client decided to move forward to a jury trial. We picked the jury and were ready to begin the trial when the prosecutor offered to dismiss our client's DUI and minor in possession of alcohol while driving charges in exchange for a plea to reckless driving. Our client could not pass this offer up.

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