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Nesbit et al v. Nesbit

Case Conclusion Date: 07.22.2011

Practice Area: Personal injury

Outcome: My client, the defendant, won when the Plaintiffs dismissed the lawsuit and had the court awared her all of her attorney's fees.

Description: My client , the Defendant, was sued by her siblings, the Plaintiffs, for allegedly taking property that belonged to their late Mother's estate, for damaging the family home that they purchased and for inflicting emotional distress on them. My client filed a Motion for Summary Judgment and asked the court to rule against her siblings on all claims. Before the court could rule on the claims, the Plaintiff siblings dismissed their lawsuit. Because our firm believed that the Plaintiffs had no basis for the lawsuit, we asked the court to award our client all of her attorney's fees for having to defend a baseless lawsuit. The court agreed and awarded our client, the defendant, all of her attorney's fees.

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