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  • Do I need an attorney??

    The school nurse stole my grandson's Ritalin for months. She has been giving him a yellow pill instead. None of his meds are yellow. We brought this to the school's attention in February when the nurse claimed to have spilled his meds down the sin...

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    Yes. Find a qualified personal injury attorney as soon as possible and prior to speaking with anyone further. Your attorney should also be someone who is familiar with criminal law and suing governmental agencies. This is a unique situation in that it is not a car crash or a typical personal injury matter so make sure the attorney you choose is competent to handle it. it would be wise in this case to speak with more than one attorney and it shouldn't cost anything to do so since almost all personal injury attorneys offer free consultations.

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  • Intersection accident, if there is a witness, does that side automatically win?

    I went through intersection on green light, but the driver that hit me says it was red for me and green for him. A witness stopped and vouched for him. Does him having a witness mean I am automatically guilty?

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    This is not an ideal situation. Even if the witness does have ties to him, it is still an issue of disputed liability. Disputed liability means that you are in for a fight. It will make it much harder to find an attorney to take the case and much harder to win. If the accident recently happened, you might be able to find businesses in the area with surveillance cameras which captured the crash. It is a slim possibility, but if such a video exists, it may also show who had the green.

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  • I was stuck with a contaminated needle after drawing tests have been done. Do I have a case?

    I'm in school for phlebotomy,was drawing blood&when I went to dispose of the needle my teacher grabbed my arm&said not to cross over,when she did she pushed my hands down, the needle went into my arm&down it The teacher kept saying her job is on t...

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    Whether someone has a case or not depends first on whether there are damages or not . In any case, be it an auto accident, slip and fall, getting stuck with a contaminated needle, etc., the first question is always were you harmed? In every case, the value of a claim against someone is measured by the fallout.

    You should absolutely get tested and make certain that you have not been infected with anything. Any testing should be well documented which is likely part of why the school's protocol includes going to the hospital. In such a situation it might not be unreasonable to expect the school to pay for any hospital visit and associated testing, etc. should they find that you were not at fault. It may have also been possible to ask the school to have any blood that was taken from the donor to be tested. it is unclear when this happened so I'm not certain that option is available to you now. Consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney is key. A great attorney can set out a roadmap for you regarding how you should move forward from here.

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