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•McAdams v. Vend Services, Inc.

Case Conclusion Date: 12.09.2009

Practice Area: Trucking accident

Outcome: $5,400,000 Settlement

Description: Vend Service, Inc's tractor trailer was driving west on Highway 20 and as he came around a bend, a red car was in his lane heading towards him. The driver, Mr. Sewell, swerved to the right and off of the road to avoid crashing into this red car, but once leaving the road, his tractor trailer hit a ditch and numerous trees which forced his tractor trailer back onto the road, across the double yellow line and into Amanda who was traveling on Highway 20 in the opposite direction. Amanda was taken via helicopter to Grady Memorial Hospital where she underwent surgery on her pelvis. Although she had numerous injuries, her hip was by far the most significant injury sustained. Approximately six months later, her hip became dislocated and she underwent another pelvis surgery and ultimately required a total hip replacement. Plaintiff’s position was that Mrs. McAdams would require multiple additional hip surgeries over her lifetime due to her age and deterioration of her hip and that she would be permanently disabled. The Defendant's expert from Johns Hopkins believed that Mrs. McAdams would not require any additional hip surgery and that she would be able to resume her normal activities once she recovered. The case was settled prior trial for $5,400,000,

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