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Matthew Quinn Wetherington

About Matthew Wetherington

About me

In the courtroom, Matt takes on powerful defendants and wins. He fights for victims of defective products, reckless drivers, and corporate fraud. His clients have won verdicts and settlements totaling over $80 million through Matt’s work ethic, creativity, and enthusiasm. In 2014, Matt was one of the youngest attorneys ever selected by the Daily Report as “On the Rise,” an annual list of forty attorneys who have made a difference and will continue to do so in the future. Out of the courtroom, Matt helps his clients put their lives back together. He also works to empower others to make informed decisions about their health, safety, and financial well-being.

Matt’s efforts have sparked legislation and federal investigations, and protected millions of families from dangerous products. While representing victims of catastrophic tire failures, Matt took additional action to protect other families from suffering the same fate. He personally compiled a list of almost ten million recalled tires and founded the Tire Safety Group to keep the list up to date and freely available. Through its website and free mobile apps, the Tire Safety Group is the only service in the world that instantly detects aged or recalled tires. Even a frequent critic of Matt’s role in holding the tire industry accountable, Tire Review magazine, praised his work as being “for the benefit of his fellow man.


Matt is a first-generation college graduate from Climax, Georgia. He worked his way through Mercer University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts. Matt then attended Mercer’s Walter F. George School of Law on a tuition scholarship. Matt attributes these successes to the example set by his father and mentors. After losing his mother at thirteen, Matt watched his father juggle multiple jobs to support his family. Matt also received significant support from his teachers and community. Because of these experiences, Matt and his wife, Michele, are committed to causes that enable individuals and communities to reach their full potential.

After law school, Matt immediately went to work for people injured, killed, or financially harmed by the misconduct of others. His decision has led him to courthouses and kitchen tables across the United States. He quickly gained experience in high-stakes cases involving wrongful death, quadriplegia, and other serious injuries. Matt now works with teams of the brightest lawyers and support staff in the nation. Whether representing a nationwide class harmed by corporate fraud or a local victim of individual carelessness, Matt is a powerful voice for those seeking just and fair treatment under the law. As Ralph Nader, one of the most successful consumer advocates, puts it, “There’s seventy thousand trial lawyers—how many are like Matt? Maybe a 100.