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Douglas Blake Chanco

Douglas Chanco’s Legal Guides

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  • Hearings to Turn Temporary Protective Orders into 12 Month Protective Orders, Georgia

    How Having a Temporary Protective Order issued Against You Can Effect Your Life While a TPO is a civil order, and has no criminal penalties, once the 12 month order is entered your life can drastical

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  • Temporary Protective Orders in Georgia

    File a Petition for a Temporay Protective Order and request "Ex Parte" Relief If you or someone close to you has suffered physical abuse, threats, or intimidating behavior, you can get a temporary pr

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  • A Basic Understanding of Georgia Child Custody and Child Support

    Determining Who Should Have Primary Custody of Minor children This is something that can most likely be decided by you and your spouse. While many parents have joint legal custody of their children,

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  • The Process for a Divorce in Georgia and How to File One

    Option One, a 'No Fault' Divorce If you are seeking a divorce, a no-fault divorce may save you money and time as you do not have to prove that your spouse caused the marriage to break up due to an is

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  • Criminal Warrant Application Hearings in Georgia and the Need for a Qualified Lawyer

    The Burden of Proof For an Arrest is Not The Same Burden of Proof Required to Be Guilty Or Convicted. Criminal warrant applications can be very dangerous to the accused party, as any person can obtai

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  • Constitutional Rights to Prevent Search and Seizures by the Police

    Never Give Consent to Allow a Police Officer to Search You. Most people are not aware of the fact that you do not have to consent to a search by a police officer. Without your consent, a police offi

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  • What to Do if You are Stopped for a DUI in Georgia

    What to Do Immediately After Being Stopped. Hand the officer your driver's license and proof of insurance. Determine Why You Were Stopped. Ask the officer why he stopped your vehicle and then ask if

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  • What May Happen to Your License After You Have Been Charged with a DUI in Georgia

    Request an Administrative Hearing as to your Georgia Driver's License If issued an administrative license suspension notice, you have 10 days from the moment of your arrest to file the paperwork nece

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