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  • Do I need an entertainment lawyer? What would be the cost to oversee a theater production?

    I am a not a US citizen and foreign based playwright. The world premier of my "Musical" was held recently. There is a interest for the "Musical" to be presented in the USA. Please let me know how I should go about protecting my rights. As a foreig...

    Peter’s Answer

    If you are not a U.S. citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident and you plan on coming to the U.S. and getting involved in the actual production, you will mostly likely want to speak with an immigration attorney as well. U.S. immigration laws are some of the most complex in the world, and your ability to come here and the extent to which you will be able to get involved in the presentation, will depend on your eligibility for a visa and which type of visa you want to utilize.

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  • What EXACTLY is the fastest, safest method for my newly wed wife (H1 visa) to obtain her green card sooner rather than later?

    I am born and current U.S. citizen. I met my wife about 5 years ago after she came to the states with a student visa. She graduated, became employed within a month, obtained a work permit and then an H1 Visa which expires September 2013. We were m...

    Peter’s Answer

    The quickest and most reliable method would be for you to sponsor her as your wife. She should receive her green card with around 4-6 months, and if need be, through this process you could also obtain advance parole to go to Korea.

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  • Looking for Canadian immigration lawyer can anyone find me one good one .

    looking for Canadian immigration lawyer.

    Peter’s Answer

    I personally recommend Randolph Hahn based on my experiences with him, but I suppose it depends what you want to do in Canada.

    Randolph K. Hahn
    Certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a Specialist in Immigration Law
    Past Chair Citizenship and Immigration Section
    Ontario Bar Association
    Guberman, Garson
    Immigration Lawyers
    130 Adelaide Street West, Suite 1920
    Toronto, Ontario M5H 3P5
    Tel: (416) 363-1234
    Fax: (416) 363-8760

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  • Overstayed my I-94 for 13 days. Lost my passport and visa (along side with the i-94). Can I reapply for a new visa?

    Hi! I'm in the US at this moment waiting for my flight back home (on the 11th) and I just got my new passport. I had overstayed my i-94 because I lost my passport and I was unable to leave the country within its date. I do not have an i-94 with ...

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    The 3 year bar does not initiate unless you overstay your visa by 180 days. However, while under most circumstances any overstay will make it more difficult to obtain a visa in the future, under this set of circumstances a consular officer may be more sympathetic. When obtaining a visitor visa, one must prove non-immigrant intent and that they intend to return before the expiration of their visa. It is impossible to tell what will happen for sure (we are not consular officers), you do appear to have a more sympathetic case compared to other overstay situations.

    I recommend speaking with an immigration attorney about how to maximize your chances at obtaining another visa under these circumstances.

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  • Out of status on H1B from many months. Can i pay taxes on the social security which i was issued while I was on H1B.

    Out of status on H1B from many months. Can i pay taxes on the social security which i was issued while I was on H1B. Can any one trace me ? I am waiting for the immigration reform.

    Peter’s Answer

    I recommend speaking with an immigration attorney about the best immigration strategy for you. You might find out that you have more options than you think you have.

    As far as taxes are concerned, I agree with my colleague, you are supposed to pay taxes. The IRS generally does not refer people to ICE.

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  • I have been married with a US citizen for 2 years and have 2 kids in common. iI qulify for differed act. Should I apply for both

    I was brought to the US at age 5 illegaly. I qulify for differed act should I apply for that? Or should I apply for green card trough marriage? Or maybe both? I do not want to leave the US.

    Peter’s Answer

    I highly recommend speaking with an immigration attorney to go over all the facts of your individual case and your options, before filing anything. Generally speaking, if you entered without inspection then you cannot adjust status without leaving and if you leave you will be subject to the 10 year bar. However, if you are eligible for DACA (do not assume that you are until you have an immigration attorney confirm it) or 245i relief that may open up several different possibilities. Again, you need to meet with an AILA certified immigration attorney about this.

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  • I have a green card for 22 years is expire i have 2 felonies

    can i still get it renew

    Peter’s Answer

    You need to speak with an AILA certified immigration attorney immediately before filing anything. Green Card status never expires even if the card does.

    Felonies very often render one deportable and inadmissible and if you file, USICS may place you in removal proceedings. I strongly recommend speaking with an immigration attorney about what to do in your individual case before filing anything.

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  • I filed for I-765 aftet I sent I-485 &I-130 , can I expediate the workkng permit by going to info pass

    I filed for I -765 &I-485 about 3 months and awaiting response but I forgot to fill the I-765 . I got a job from my previous employer so I want to know if I went to the office if they will expediate the request so I can get the EAd faster so I ca...

    Peter’s Answer

    Unfortunately, you cannot expedite the I-765 under these circumstances. You will have to wait until it is adjudicated. That usually takes around 3 months since the date of filing the complete, correct I-765.

    If your I-130 and I -485 were based on a petition from an immediate relative then it will forgive your unauthorized employment (although I recommend waiting until you receive work authorization before beginning work). However, I do highly recommend that you at least speak with an immigration attorney to make sure that you are eligible to adjust status and that everything was filed correctly and with sufficient supporting documentation.

    If you have been out of status or overstayed your visa and the I-485 was not based on an immediate relative I-130 petition then you need to speak with an immigration attorney immediately because you may not be eligible to adjust - and the filing may lead to the initiation of removal proceedings.

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  • I am legal immigrant married to an US citizen but i have file my paper as yet whats the longest i can stay before filing them ?

    I am not a US citizen but i am here Legally I got married about 67 days after i arrive in the Country to an American citizen but i was about to file the USCIS paper for adjustment of status but because of financial constrain we weren't able to do ...

    Peter’s Answer

    I agree with Attorney Mulder. Absent a few exceptions, generally if you entered with inspection and are married to a U.S. citizen you can adjust status. You are lucky that you married more than 60 days after entry, but the officer may view your adjustment with suspicion and therefore I do recommend that you retain an immigration attorney to represent you during the adjustment. Also if you wait until your I-94 expires then you are are out os status and risk being placed in removal proceedings. While your adjustment may still be granted, it will be more difficult and more costly because you will be fighting removal proceedings in Immigration court.

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  • Do I need an Immigration Attorney

    Hello, We (my wife and I the sponsor) filed for an adjustment of status form to USCIS and received a RFE letter stating that the latest tax year must be submitted with the forms. In the I-864 form instructions there is a line that states: "If yo...

    Peter’s Answer

    I agree with my colleagues. I would speak with an Immigration attorney about assisting you with this process, it can be more complicated than it appears.

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