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Linton Stephens Johnson III

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  • Can I get reduced traffic tickets? I received 5 citations for crossing center line on two lane road.

    Traffic was stalled and backed up. In order to make a left turn a iner-section, I crossed the double yellow lines of a two lane road to by-pass stalled traffic. recieved 5 tickets totalling $695

    Linton’s Answer

    My first response is "yes", you are very likely to be able to get a reduction on these multiple tickets. Not know exactly what you are charged with, it may be very important that you get a reduction if you are interested in keeping your driver's license. A typical moving violation in Georgia carries 3 points. Once you accumulate 15 total points in a 24-month period, your license will be suspended. Depending on what you are being charged with, you may be at risk of getting those 15 points.

    I would agree with the previous attorney response in that it would be wise to look into hiring an experienced traffic attorney and see if the costs make sense for you to protect your driving record and license.

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  • Curious

    me and my girl friend got into an argument, and she told me to leave her apartment, which i did. i didn't put my hands on her but when i was leaving i through some beer on her car. she called the cops and they came and she told them i didn't hit h...

    Linton’s Answer

    Generally speaking, the solicitor handling your case will need to be able to present sufficient evidence to the jury in order to be able to convict you. The most common type of evidence in this type of case would be eyewitness testimony (assuming there are no videos/pictures). This testimony would need to come from either you or your girlfriend (again assuming there were no other eyewitnesses). Without this testimony, this is likely to be a difficult case to prosecute.

    Witness affidavits can be effective in defending certain cases in certain situations, but doing so without the assistance of an attorney could put either or both of you in a more difficult situation than you were originally in.

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