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  • Cross-Examining the Vocational Expert about DOT Job Descriptions in a Social Security Hearing

    For many Claimants, especially those less than age 50, one of the most unnerving portions of a Social Security Hearing is the testimony of the Vocational Expert (VE). Generally speaking, the VEs role in the hearing is to provide insight about the Claimants past relevant work as p...

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  • Veterans Disability Percentages - How to Calculate

    Authors Note: Click this link or visit the very bottom of this blogs home page to use my online Disability and Bilateral Percentage Calculators. This tool is still in development, and the bi-lateral calculation functionality is brand new. I would appreciate any feedback or c...

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  • Medical Records Free for Disability Applicants in Georgia

    A common complaint from applicants for Social Security is the sometimes large charges imposed upon them by hospital and physicians in exchange for providing copies of their records. This condition has gradually worsened as more and more hospitals outsource their records ...

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  • Vocational Expert Testimony at Social Security Disability Hearings – Information for Claimants

    In a previous article, I drafted a very brief primer on what a Claimant should expect on the day of his Social Security Disability Hearing. One aspect of many hearings that I did not develop to a great degree was the interaction with the Vocational Expert (VE). The purpose of thi...

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  • What Happens at a Social Security ALJ Hearing – Information for Claimants

    The purpose of this writing is not to share hearing strategies with the reader, but more to paint a picture of what is happening and when, in an attempt to de-mystify the hearing process. It should be noted that there are many opportunities for cases to be won and lost along the ...

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  • The Five-Step Disability Process

    Are you performing "Substantial Gainful Activity"? The mere fact that you may be working does not necessarily damage your case, however, there is a minimum threshold of gross (pre-tax) monthly earnin

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  • How to File a Medical Provider Lien in Georgia

    Assess lien appropriateness. Ask these questions 1. Is there liability? If yes, continue to question 2, if no, a lien is probably not appropriate. 2. Does the patient have health care insurance with

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