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Joseph Mark Murphey

Joseph Murphey’s Legal Guides

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  • Plaintff Attorney's Motor Vehicle Collision In-Take Checklist

    As a 20 year defense attorney, I developed a form I called "Defensible Issues" - a check list of anything that could be wrong with a plaintiff's PI car wreck case. Now, as a plaintiff's attorney, I use this list to evaluate potential plaintiff PI cases. Too many checks, I don't take the case.

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  • On Becoming a Mediator: The Three Words That Changed History Can Change Your Career Path

    There are three words which, when uttered at pivotal moments in world history, changed everything, forever -- Burn the boats! Everyone knows the story of Hernan Cortes who, in 1519, landed on the shores of what is today the Mexican state of Veracruz. He had with him 600 men,...

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  • The Plaintiff's Guide to Personal Injury Mediation

    Many, if not most, significant injury cases will end up in mediation. Attorneys and parties will voluntarily submit cases to mediation; often the judge will refer a case to mediation. If your case is being mediated, you may be unclear about what this involves, or what is expected...

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