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Philip Andrew Holloway

Philip Holloway’s Legal Guides

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  • How NOT to deal with the police if you are stopped

    Cobb County Criminal Law & DUI Attorney provides insight into how a driver should NOT act if stopped by the police. It is perfectly legal to elect not to answer and questions and drivers in Georgia d

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  • When can police lawfully stop me?

    Criminal lawyer Philip A. Holloway of Cobb County Georgia discusses the legality of police profiling drivers from states with legalized marijuana. @PhilHollowayEsq

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  • Why you should NEVER EVER talk to the police - especially if you completely innocent!

    This video explains why the 5th Amendment to our constitution is so vitally important and why every american should understand it and know how to use it!If you have any thoughts please feel free to contact my law office at (770) 428-2433 or by email at

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