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Kathrine Mary Armstrong

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  • Why I have to go to the court room? It is not a big accident. What should I do? Will it affect my driving record? Thanks!

    The road is ice this morning, so when the traffic light turned red, I tried to hit the brake, but the car couldn't stop and hit the car in front of me. There is no scratches on my car and her car, but her steering wheel bumped out a little bit (ma...

    Kathrine’s Answer

    Citations resulting from an accident require a court appearance. If you fail to appear for court the Judge will likely issue a bench warrant and your license may be suspended. You should appear for the court date and ask to speak with the prosecutor before entering a plea. If the prosecutor is not willing to amend your citation to an offense that won't be reported to your driving history, you may want to ask for a continuance so that you may speak to an attorney before disposing of the citation.

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