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Peter Mandeville Zeliff

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  • I must submit to drug alcohol testing as part of probation but testing facility is a long distance away, what about an alternate

    as part of probation, I must submit to alcohol and drug screenings 3x a week however, the facility is 1 hr away from my home and 2.5 hrs away from where I work and is only available for testing from 9 am to 12 pm, I have offered info. on 2 alterna...

    Peter’s Answer

    First, contact your attorney and discuss this with him/her as soon as possible. When you are on probation you must comply with the terms of probation to avoid violating your probation which can result in an arrest. Did your probation officer deny your request to use the closest substance abuse center on their approved list? If so, what was the reason? If you did not speak directly to your probation officer about the issue then you and your lawyer should make an effort to speak to this officer as soon as possible to avoid a probation violation. And, if the officer is not willing or able to find a solution then your attorney can ask the Judge to hear the issue, and if needed, issue an Order that you can use the center that is on the approved list and closest to you.

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