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Complex Divorce

Case Conclusion Date: 09.04.2006

Practice Area: Divorce and separation

Outcome: After it became clear to the wife's lawyers that she was not going to be able to prove her claims, we were able to resolve the case with a fair settlement.

Description: We are constantly representing clients in complex divorces as this is our sole field of practice but one case really stands out. Our client and his wife had accumulated substantial assets during the course of their long marriage. When his wife decided to end the marriage by filing for divorce he hired us based on our reputation in the community as strong divorce lawyers. Sometime into the divorce his wife started to accuse him of hiding a very large (actually large in size) asset. We hired experts to refute her claims, took numerous depositions and ended up in front of the judge to talk about her wild assertions. Throughout the whole case we worked hard to rebut all of her "evidence" she claimed proved the existence of this asset and to show that it was just an attempt to get extra money in the divorce.

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