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James Emmit Hardy II

James Hardy’s reviews

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  • My daughter found both a mentor and an advocate

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I believe God played a part of our family finding Jim Hardy. My daughter made a huge mistake in judgement earlier this year by shoplifting. Even though she had never been in trouble before, the charges were serious enough to negatively change her life forever. Jim was able to negotiate a satisfactory outcome, however he did not stop there. Jim has also become a mentor for my daughter to make sure she makes wise choices going forward. I highly recommend Jim to be an advocate for your family.

  • Unexpected Treasure

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jennifer

    Who knew that in the depths of despair after getting a DUI that I would encounter a person who would be so attentive, reliable, and devoted to my situation? Mr. James E. Hardy II's expertise as a legal representative helped me navigate the path I should take through this unpleasant experience. He was genuinely attentive and offered me a list of steps I needed to take and told me what to expect as we progressed through the legal stages. His straight to the point method kind of shocked me at first, but I quickly realized that he knows from experience and the wisdom that accompanies it, how to best approach the job at hand. Every time I had a question, he was available and knowledgeable on what I should do. It has been a long process, but I have completed the DUI class, clinical evaluation, community service, and am currently working on the other requirements established at the hearing. Because of having Mr. Hardy on my side, I've never felt alone, and that has helped me own up to what I need to do. In the courtroom he balanced being respectful and authoritative, and observing his interactions with the court employees, I could tell he was highly esteemed, valued, and admired. I felt that he supported me through the entire process. You might ask, well, what did he do for me? It sounds like you had to do everything you would have to have done with any lawyer or without a lawyer at all. Nowhere near the truth. It is my 3rd DUI. The others occurred 24 and 30 years ago. I should be serving at least a year in jail which would mean I'd lose my job. I should have had much higher fines. The judge could have asked many more requirements than he did. I owe a HUGE debt of gratefulness for Mr. Hardy's dedication. His competence and talent saved me from a tragic situation. Although saddened and deeply sorry because of the bad choice I made to drive intoxicated, I knew I had been blessed because I had the finest lawyer I could ever hope to meet. He offset my feelings of sadness and regret with feelings of admiration, respect, and gratitude for the opportunity to meet such a fine man. The more I live, the more I learn that the people we meet in life are the most important treasure we'll find on this Earth. God surely gave me an unexpected treasure in Mr. James E. Hardy II. Who knew that something so bad could be turned into something good? Thank you God, and thank you Mr. Hardy!
    I pray God blesses you each and every day!!!

  • Overview, Importance of My Perspective

    2.0 stars

    Posted by John

    Mr. Hardy was overly enthusiastic about parts of my case that I was not concerned. I did everything I could to work with him on the important parts that I wanted represented, and when we went to court, he kept focusing on the details he believed were important. HIs oversight of the parts I kept asking him to recall slipped. This made me very uncomfortable with his representation. As I knew, and I was right, that the judge was focused on the details he kept overlooking, which I strongly believe hurt my case. I lost.

    James Emmit Hardy II’s response: “Unfortunately, the client, or someone on his behalf, misrepresented his name. On cellphone contacts alone, there were 241 for a total of 35 hours and 21 minutes. BTW, the client did not follow my advice. Raided the courthouse, shot one deputy, and was killed on site. A true tragedy for everyone. The cold reality is that you do not win every case, and no defense attorney can fix everything or everyone. Some very fine folks just self destruct. My client was a God fearing man and we prayed together several times. My God bless and rest in peace my old friend.”
  • Superb!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Vanessa Cisneros

    Mr. Hardy represented me in a juvenile matter in the year 2006. He represented me in my custody hearing free of charge. He took the time to assist my family and explain to them how the hearing would be conducted. He was always very upfront about the process and the potential outcomes in my matter. He was very sincere with me and showed much interest in my case. I was only fourteen years old at the time and Mr. Hardy made me realize that I was on the wrong path. Not only did he give me the legal advice and representation I needed to resolve my matter in the most favorable fashion, but he was also a great counselor. He kept my family and me completely informed throughout the entire process and there were no surprises or disappointments as there are in other cases with other attorneys.

    Because of his passion, diligence, empathy, persistence, dedication and compassion, I had the most favorable outcome in my case. It has been eight years since he represented me and today I am preparing to take the LSAT and become a law student myself. I have been an immigration paralegal for almost four years and I try to reflect Mr. Hardy's ethic and professionalism in my work at all times. Mr. Hardy is a great role model and professional who I will always be thankful for. God bless Mr. Hardy, his wife and family!

    With much gratitude,


  • Honest, Dependable, Always gets back to me on time, and is always happy to answer questions.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Civil Rights client

    Mr. Hardy has completely won my support. I got in touch with Mr. Hardy to discuss some specifics regarding obtaining my weapons carry permit. Due to some mistakes I made when I was younger I was unsure of the outcome when applying for my carry permit, and owning a firearm. Mr. Hardy has been very informative and is clearly an extremely knowledgeable attorney. He has been willing to provide answers to all of my questions, and has made it clear to me that he will be doing everything he can to help me in this matter. I was unsure of the steps I needed to take to get everything in order to proceed with my predicament, and Mr. Hardy steered me in the right direction. It feels great to have such a admirable person in my corner with this matter. I can really tell that he is a genuine and professional person with a big heart and a great head on his shoulders. No matter what the outcome of my situation, I will never forget the generosity and dedication he has shown me.

  • An Attorney with Morals

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Jim is a great attorney and an asset to the community. He spent a lot of time making calls and talking to the proper officials to help me with my case and I would hire him and recommend to others without reserve.

    This man is incredible and has morals as well and will not accept your money unless his opinion is that it's a situation where you may benefit from an attorney's service.

    I thank you Jim for all you did for me and may the angels smile upon you everyday as you make others day brighter.

  • The Best of The Best

    5.0 stars

    Posted by campbell222

    I have been blessed to be able to use Jim as my lawyer. Jim has the OLD SCHOOL mentallity. Point Being, Jim believes in whole heartedly putting in 200% to any and all cases he has worked with!!! There is not ONE lazy bone in his work ethic and dedication. If you want the best, DON'T call the rest...

    Sincerely, with all gratitude,
    President of CEL, Inc. An Electrical Service Company

  • Knowledgable, Honest, Brave, Assertive, Compassionate and PERSISTANT

    5.0 stars

    Posted by A Grateful Mother

    Mr Hardy is like no other attorney I have ever met. He helped my family in the darkest time of our life. He is always available when you need him, he always returns calls, he always has time for your questions and your concerns. He took a horrible situation that my family found ourselves in and made it all okay again. Because of him, lies and false accusations were not believed and my child is home with me. I will never forget when I felt like the deck was stacked against me and my child, and it seemed like the odds were all against us, he said to me, "I will not abandon you". He meant those words and to this day he hasn't. Mr Hardy won our case, I really don't think I would have gotten as favorable an outcome if I had gone with another attorney. Mr Hardy also showed me that there are people out there that will see an injustice, they will see an innocent being attacked and they will fight for you just because its the right thing to do. That's James Hardy.