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Daniel Eliot DeWoskin

About Daniel DeWoskin

About me

I believe in right and wrong.  I believe in gray areas, but would argue that what is right and what feels right are less often the difficult decisions that many others think they are.  I believe that my particular disclipline is different from that of others in that my cases are not simply my work.  My cases are all very important to my clients, and they are important to me.  I cannot leave my work at the door of my office when I eventually leave at night.  In almost every case, my clients' freedom is at stake.  If not their freedom, then it is compensation for a grave wrongdoing that has cost them emotionally, physically, and financially. 


These are responsibilities I do not take lightly, by any means.  In fact, I accept these responsibilities in light of the opportunities that they bring to right wrongs.  My job offers me the ability and the opportunity to bring justice to my clients who are in dire need of it.  This is an honor that I enjoy everyday when I wake up.  I represent people.  In every single case I work on, there is a person whose life will change for the better or worse depending on the outcome.  I never lose sight of this.  When the day comes that I do, that will very well be the last day I practice law.

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