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Case Conclusion Date: 11.04.2009

Practice Area: DUI and DWI

Outcome: NOT GUILTY after jury trial - DUID

Description: I.R. came to our offices after being told by others in the industry that a DUI-Drugs case with a blood test that showed positive for cananbanoids and a confirmatory test showing positive for THC metabolites. This case originated from a roadblock and there was no allegation of any observed bad driving. We took this case and investigated the matter knowingthat we were likely going to take the case to trial. At a motions hearing, we were able to lock the arresting into his testimony. This later became critical when the officer "modified" his testimony at trial. At trial, the defense brought both Ron Lloyd, a DUI Expert, and Dr. David Stafford, an analytical chemist to testify. After trial and a short deliberation, the jury found I.R. NOT GUILTY.

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