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Arman Michael Deganian

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  • Could this be thrown out? What type of attorney should I speak to if any?

    My husband was in a car accident. The officer on scene told me no one would be getting a ticket due to the fact that they could not tell who ran the red light and neither could any of the witnesses. He ended up coming to the hospital went into the...

    Arman’s Answer

    Yes, you certainly can challenge this citation. I see this happen all of the time. Make sure your husband initially appears at his arraignment and pleads not guilty. He will then be given a date to appear for the contested hearing regarding the citation. First off, if the other driver and this alleged witness fail to appear (which happens more often than you can imagine), the judge will dismiss the citation. If they do appear, then your husband can testify about the accident on direct and, also, cross examine them in regards to the accident. The officers testimony will not carry any weight, as he did not see the collision. I would recommend you hire an attorney if he really wants to fight it and attempt to get it dismissed. Good luck.

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  • Is the Defendant in my current personal injury action entitled to my discovery responses from a previous, closed PI claim?

    I am currently pursuing a personal injury claim. In 2007 I pursued a different personal injury claim, where I injured SOME of the same body parts as my current claim. I honestly informed the Defendants of my previous claim and now they are request...

    Arman’s Answer

    Agree with previous answers. It sounds as though you do not have a lawyer. Discovery matters can get complicated. Mistakes you might make in the discovery process can seriously impact your case once/if it goes as far as a jury trial. I would highly dissuade you from conducting discovery without an attorney representing you.

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