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T. Andrew Miller

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  • Can an auto accident cause a rotator cuff tear specifically rear end accident? Workmans comp is telling me No and wants to settl

    I was in a rear end accident in August of 2015 when at the time of the accident is felt a pop in my shoulder. I was sent to an urgent care doctor and he done x-rays of the shoulder and neck and diagnosed me a mild separation and scheduled me to un...

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    This is a complicated question and the best course of action depends on many different variables. You've reached the point where you need to have your case evaluated by a Georgia workers comp lawyer and discuss your options. The best outcome for you could come from a combination of actions that you won't know unless you are an expert in Georgia workers comp law. Hire an attorney who will help you come up with a game plan

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  • What should it cost me and is there a local attorney willing to help me with my insurance accident claim?

    Accident took place on 9/28/2015. Elderly lady turned in front of me across a Peachtree Road (Buckhead) intersection on a rainy Monday night. Both our cars were totaled. I have accident photos from both the scene and of my injuries. It was an "...

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    You may need to speak with an attorney to help you sort all of this out! Many firms offer free consultations. Don't take on the insurance company by yourself!

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  • Is including a resignation stipulation to a Workers' Compensation Stipulation and Agreement, legal/allowed?

    I'm in negotiations to settle my workers' comp claim. My employer wants me to resign my position as a stipulation, and the lawyer for the insurance company wants to add my resignation to the Stipulation and Agreement before sending it for State Bo...

    T. Andrew’s Answer

    It's legal and it's commonplace as a term of the settlement of a WC case. It's an agreement between the injured worker and the employer, not for the SBWC to get involved in. Regardless, there are a lot of reasons why it benefits the injured worker to voluntarily resign as a part of settlement of a WC case, so it's generally not something you will be advised against doing.

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