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Loraine M. DiSalvo

About Loraine DiSalvo

About me

I'm an Atlanta native, but I've never lived in the actual city of Atlanta.  I like to fish, ride bicycles and motorcycles, and play with cars - driving them, working on them, just looking at them, talking about them, etc.  I love target shooting.  My husband and I have his daughter from his first marriage, a son-in-law, and two wonderful grandkids.  I know from experience what the issues created by a blended family situation are, which helps me immeasurably when dealing with clients who are part of them.  I read insatiably and I try to learn at least one truly new thing everyday, so I read everything from materials which help keep me up to date in my law practice to books and articles about things which I just find interesting, like quantum physics, thermodynamics, marketing, history, other cultures, and studies about how the mind works.  I also believe strongly that we should all attempt to be as polite, fair, honest, and morally and ethically correct as possible in our everyday lives, and I try to live by that belief.

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