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Trip & Fall - Employee Fell While Walking Up Exterior Walkway

Practice Area: Personal injury

Outcome: $1,500,000 settlement at second mediation, one week before trial.

Description: A 43 year old female employee of a Hilton Head time-share marketing company broke the upper part of her leg after tripping on an exterior landscape stairway while entering the building where she worked. The stairway, made with railroad ties, did not have a hand rail and violated several sections of the local building code and various industry building standards. Shortly after her surgery and discharge from the hospital, client was diagnosed with RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy), which caused chronic burning type pain and sensitivity to both of her legs. She became totally and permanently disabled and required intensive pain management. We sued the building owner, the management company and the original tenant that leased the offices to the Plaintiff’s employer. (We could not sue the employer due to immunity afforded by workers’ compensation law.) Co-counsel was David H. Berry, Esquire, Hilton Head, SC.

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