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Allen Curtis Ladd

About Allen Ladd

About me

I believe that America is great because it has been built by natives and immigrants alike, who were willing to put aside their differences, and make a better life for everyone.  Think of the sacrifices, and unity, of the nation during the war effort in the 1940s.  We will continue to be great if we will come together and put the common good before personal gain.


As many Americans, I am proud of my citizenship and equally proud of my heritage.  My ancestors came from different countries and religious traditions.  The earliest immigrants in my family arrived in America 400 years ago, from England, and settled in Virginia.  Later generations came from many European countries, including France and Germany, and from Canada.  My father's people migrated from New England to New York State 200 years ago.  My mother's people settled in Texas before the Civil War.  All made contributions to their society, and to our family's betterment.


In the course of the past half-century, I have lived in the West, the Northeast, Texas, and the South.  I have had the benefits of an excellent public education and religious formation.  I have family, health, and happiness.  I count my blessings every day.





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