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Amy Suzanne Lawrence

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  • What type of sentence am I looking at for armed robbery, armed robbery with a weapon, kidnapping.

    several counts.

    Amy’s Answer

    More facts are needed. The first thing you need to do is hire the best Charleston criminal defense lawyer you can afford, as those felonies carry significant time. Good Luck!

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  • Can someone sue you for a $50 deposit on a purchase that they backed out of?

    I have a woman who wrote up a contract with me to buy my used wedding dress. She gave me a $50 deposit to hold the dress and she agreed to make payments on it. She has backed out of the sale due to her fiance losing his job. She hasn't paid me any...

    Amy’s Answer

    She is more than likely bluffing. The court cost to file in small claims court exceeds the amount that is in dispute. It wouldn't make sense to pay approximately $80 to file and another $30 to have you served, when there is only $50 in dispute to begin with.

    Please seek the counsel of an attorney to discuss the details of this matter.

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  • Myson just received a ticket for sc violation 56-1-515 . how serious is this ticket and what are the possible outcomes

    He was serving as designated driver for his frat when pulled over . Cop let him continue to drive . Curt appearance is not circled on ticket . told he must appear in court . He mistakingly gave cop a fake drivers iscence he apparently has used to ...

    Amy’s Answer

    It is a serious charge in so much that, under the statute depending on the subsection he was charged under, it carries a fine up to $2500.00 and/or 6 months in jail. There is good news, if your son has no previous criminal history he has the option of choosing one of two Pre-Trial Intervention programs: The first being: PTI and the second being: Alcohol Education Program. Both are made for people just like your son. They both require a class and some community service. These intervention programs require approval from the cop/prosecutor/judge. I still recommend contacting a local attorney.

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