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James Michael Spielberger

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  • Am I responsible for paying HOA fees after foreclosure?

    It's been over a year the bank took over. The home was sold a few months after. The HOA sent me a notice for court. It went from $1700 to $2400 with a lot of ridiculous fees included. Do I need an attorney?

    James’s Answer

    I agree with the previous answers, but one more thing to point out is that the debt, if owed, is basically unsecured debt (think credit card debt). While you owned the home the HOA had a secured debt - meaning they could foreclose on your home (or put a lien on it) to collect what was owed. Now that the home has been foreclosed upon, the HOA has no collateral or security for the debt. They essentially have to collect in the same manner a credit card company would - sue you, get a judgment and have the judgment executed upon your assets, get a wage garnishment order, etc.

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