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Timothy C. Kulp

About Timothy Kulp

About me


I am proud to be a criminal defense lawyer. I have over three decades of experience in criminal justice as a former FBI agent, former Assistant State Prosecutor (Solicitor), former Charleston City Prosecutor and municipal judge. This diverse exposure to many facets of the legal system has provided me with invaluable experience, which is  otherwise difficult to acquire. I have been Board Certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, qualifying me as a specialist in Criminal Trial Advocacy. I am also lead chair death penalty certified by the South Carolina Supreme Court. 



I have tried cases in city, county, state and federal courts in South Carolina since 1980. This inclusive experience has afforded me the opportunity to learn that the best outcomes are achieved by understanding a client's needs and dedicating myself to their interests. A person charged with a criminal offense faces a path of accusation pursued by a government entity with great resources. This warrants the advocacy of a lawyer with significant experience in criminal defense.


Meeting with a Client Prospect.

I will only decide to undertake representation of a client after meeting with them to discuss their case in detail.  The first meeting is an integral component of my representation process. It allows me to become acquainted with a client and establish a professional, trusting relationship with them. This meeting also provides me with the chance to educate a prospective client on their legal matters and inform them of the next steps in their legal proceedings. I enjoy providing comprehensive education to my clients about their case because it allows us to better communicate with each other.  


- Tim Kulp

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