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Mo Idlibby

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  • The Best Immigration Lawyer - El Mejor Abgado de Inmigracion!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Margarito

    When I came to Attorney Mo Idlibby's law firm (UFC Law), I was in a very desperate situation. I previously hired another immigration law firm who did a horrible job in my case (probably because they are always on the radio and not working on their clients cases).

    I hired that other law firm because I was in Immigration Court. But, unfortunately, despite all the money I paid the previous law firm and despite the fact that I told them I had been a victim of an armed robbery, all they did was get me voluntary departure in Immigration Court. I was extremely disappointed with that other law firm (the only reason I hired them was because I heard them on the radio, so I thought they had to be good. Boy was I absolutely wrong about that)!

    My situation got even worse b/c ICE was calling me and visiting me and I had to report to them, and they were threatening me that if I didn't leave before my voluntary departure date, that they were going to come pick me up at my house and arrest me and deport me. One ICE officer kept calling me and telling me that. This was very, very stressful. The previous lawyers told me that's all they could do, that they couldn't do anything more than that. Me and my wife were extremely disappointed and very stressed out, we weren't able to sleep at all, fearing that ICE was going to show up and deport me.

    So after my previous lawyers were only able to get me the terrible result of voluntary departure and ICE was threatening to deport me, I started looking for another immigration lawyer. But I had learned my lesson, so this time I made sure to do my research. I went and did consultations with several lawyers. The only lawyer I felt comfortable with and trusted was... Attorney Mo Idlibby, so I hired him. I only had 2 weeks before my voluntary departure was going to expire.

    From the beginning, Attorney Mo was very comforting, trustworthy, and honest. I really appreciated that. Also his paralegals and staff were very nice and sweet with big hearts. He told me and my wife several times that even though he couldn't guarantee any results (and that any lawyer who does that is being unethical, like the other law firm I had before who had promised me so many things and they didn't do any of them). BUt Attorney Mo promised me he would fight for me until the last moment. Because several people had highly recommended Attorney Mo to me and because I felt his sincerity and honesty, I trusted him and hired him.

    It turned out to be the BEST decision I ever made. Attorney Mo immediately began working on my case. In a very fast manner, Attorney Mo was able to professionally prepare my entire U visa case, he prepared my whole U visa package and filed it with immigration just 2 days before my voluntary departure was going to expire. It felt like he did a MIRACLE!!

    Attorney Mo was also able to file an emergency motion for me in Immigration Court to stop my deportation and to reopen my case so that ICE wouldn't be able to deport me. Attorney Mo won that motion too! That felt like another MIRACLE!! My wife and I were so happy about this so that ICE couldn't bother me any more.

    Then I ultimately got my U visa APPROVED!!!! For me and my wife!!!! Attorney Mo, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your hard work and for being honest with me and my wife from the first day all the way until the last day.

    If you need an immigration lawyer, make sure you go see Attorney Mo Idlibby and UFC Law!!! He is the BEST and his paralegals are very nice, sweet, and very good workers!!! I STRONGLY RECOMMEND Attorney Mo (El Abogado Luchador!) for your immigration case! El pelio mucho y muy fuerte para mi y mi familia!! Attorney Mo loves fighting for the legal rights of all the Hispanics and Latinos and all immigrants. El Abogado Mo tiene un muy grand corazon y el va pelear por sus derechos, Attorney Mo has a very big heart and he loves fighting for his clients legal rights!

  • Best Immigration Lawyer in NC!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Attorney Mo Idlibby is the best immigration lawyer in North Carolina. Not only did Attorney Mo get my husband out of jail with a very low immigration bond (when every other lawyer told me they couldn't help me), Attorney Mo also eventually got my husband's criminal charges dismissed, and then he won my husband's case in immigration court as well. Now, my husband has a green card!

    Attorney Mo's knowledge and expertise and clear knowledge in immigration law and criminal law was exactly what we needed. But, most of all, Attorney Mo is someone who I completely trust and who I highly recommend for anybody needing an immigration lawyer.

    Attorney Mo is honest and trustworthy and has the highest level of ethics, which immediately allowed us to trust him with everything. Hiring Attorney Mo was the best decision we ever made! Now I know why Attorney Mo's nickname in the community is "El Abogado Luchador" (The Fighting Attorney), because I personally saw how he fights so hard for his clients in court until the last moment!

    Thanks Attorney Mo - because of you, my husband is home with us (his family - wife and children), he didn't get deported, and now he has his green card. You are a hero, and my family will never be able to thank you enough. If you or someone you know has an immigration and criminal law problem, Attorney Mo is the best lawyer for you!


    1.0 star

    Posted by a Immigration client

    Very bad ethics, Don't ever return calls, cannot ever get in contact with. consultation went great very smooth talking then everything went down hill. We called in after about 4 months just for an update. didn't get in touch with him until 2 months after that and threated to report him to better business buer. Then he was so apologetic and excuse after excuse that he has been so busy with court. so I was very forgiving and assumed everything was ok but after numerous calls again about 3 months later to contact him for update started the same process. Every time I call in its new staff working the phones. took a lot of my money and still nothing haven't heard from in over a year. In process of hiring attorney for lawsuit against him. please beware do not chose this lawyer. My friend had the same experience with this guy. ( that's how we became friends we meet in his office looking for him because he wouldn't return calls) the only paper ever received from him was the contract then was told he sent paper work to visa center and I kept asking to get a copy of the visa correspondent ( when every you send anything to visa center you will get a correspondent back stating they received your paper work) when calling to ask for copy the staff only says ok ill let him know you need a copy and then never get it. I called in again and always the same they have to email him and they will call back and NEVER do I have his personal email address tried that way too. sent him so many emails and always the same PLEASE PLEASE BEWARE DONOT GIVE THIS SO CALLED LAWYER YOUR MONEY. AWFUL AWFUL LAWYER.. Me and my husband have worked with numerous lawyers for a lot of different things and this is by far the worst every experienced.

  • .

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lucinda

    I am a very busy person and I value my time. Mr. Idlibby made the whole process easy for me by explaining my situation, laying out my options and advising me the best way to go. He also maintained excellent communication which I greatly appreciated. This enabled me to submit the correct documentation in a timely manner.

  • Efficient, knowledgeable.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lisa

    A family friend had recommended Mr.Idlibby to me me and he mas even more than I expected! Handled my case in the kindest and efficient way. I will return to him for any other legal matters.

  • Best Immigration Attorney in Charlotte Nc

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Immigration client

    Mo is very professional in what he does as a attorney.Mo wants his clients to know whats happening and know that he is on your side and Mo won my husband Immigration Case and I would hire him again if i ever need a Attorney . He is a wonderful attorney and keeps you up to date on things. Best immigration Attorney in Charlotte. I would tell everyone that Mo is the one to hire For there case if he is needed. He is excellent in my family eyes he helped my family so much.I hired him for my husband last November and he done a great job.

  • Great Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Huda

    Mo was very professional and genuinely concerned about helping me out. He did an excellent job, and I would definitely recommend him to a anyone.