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Lindsey Sink Dasher

Lindsey Dasher’s reviews

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  • Caring and Professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joe

    In addition to being very skilled and professional at her job, Lindsey took the time to understand my goals and to make sure they were part of the solution. She realizes that family law matters have long term impacts for not just the client but all family members involved and taking a short term view can have lasting impacts. She made sure my desires to be fair and amicable were balanced with acting as my advocate and looking out for my best interest.

    Hired attorney
  • Excellent

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Antonio

    Lindsay Dasher is a very professional lawyer. She solved my divorce in the best manner exceeding all expectations .Before i knew her i was really worried about my situation, I did not know what do because my case was very complicated. At our first meeting she gave me such confidence, making it clear every risk and every advantage in a very professional manner and with great personality. She was always on time to advise me on every step of procedure .Her moral support helped me overcome all concerns .Not all lawyers have this virtue. She done everything according to each step in the absolute professionalism and kept me updated on every single detail and for all contacts with the court and with the opposing lawyer. I was fully satisfied with her work. I strongly recommend Lindsay Dasher.

  • Glad divorce is over, sad not to work with this awesome attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Noemi

    Lindsey represented me for a separation/divorce case starting in September 2012 until the closure of my case in June 2015. Unfortunately, my case took much longer than it should have to complete due to delays on my ex-husband's part.
    Lindsey is very personable. Lindsey took the time to explain each step of the (sometimes confusing) process. She advised when I had options, what the options were and the likelihood of success for each option.
    Lindsey switched firms partway through my case. I elected to switch firms with her and saw no break in service, even though that was right around the time of my divorce trial. My ex-husband was represented by an attorney at trial and I had the opportunity to see the variation between Lindsey's preparations for trial against my ex-husband's level of preparation. Lindsey was well prepared with evidence to support each claim/request. She was comfortable and confident at trial and familiar with court processes. She prepped my witnesses before trial and also kept me calm. She was clear and firm when questioning witnesses. Lindsey is well-spoken, a quick thinker and caught my ex-husband in several lies on the stand. Lindsey did an excellent job of helping me set expectations and I am happy to say the judge awarded me with exactly what I requested at trial.
    Additionally, due to the length of the case and various nuances, I was not able to contact my ex-husband directly. Lindsey dealt directly with my ex-husband and made arrangements with him to finalize all paperwork and action items from the trial. This was a lengthy process that took several months to complete and would not have been possible without Lindsey's work.
    Due to the length of the process, the legal fees added up making it difficult to provide complete retainer fees for my trust account. Lindsey's office was willing to work with me on an alternative. Towards the end of my case, I found myself reaching out to her paralegal for updates more than I had been in the past.
    Not only is she an excellent attorney, she understands her clients expect customer service in addition to legal advice and works to provide that to her clients. Overall, I felt well represented by Lindsey and would recommend Lindsey for this type of case.

  • She's the Worst!!!

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    Lindsey Dasher quit representing me because we disagreed on an issue she wasn't even authoritized to represent me on.
    She's incompetent & needs to be disbarred.

    Thinking you're cute doesn't win cases.

  • A true top notch professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by James

    I had been handling my ongoing custody case against my Ex-wife involving our daughter for roughly 2 years when I realized that I desperately needed an attorney. My experience with Ms. Dasher began in the Fall of 2013 when she was recommended to me by my previous attorney who had handled my divorce case years earlier. Sadly, my old attorney was unable to handle the case due to maternity leave but said " Jim... You are in good hands with Lindsey." In the weeks and months that followed I found this to be a "major" understatement. From my first meeting with Ms. Dasher I found her to be attentive, understanding, and above all... Very professional! She took on a very difficult case with only 8 weeks to prepare. She dove right in and dealt with all the principals involved... My ex-wife's attorney, the CFCR, and most of all, a frustrated father who felt like he was getting nowhere fast. Ms. Dasher hit the ground running and never stopped working from the first day of the case until the last.

    Today, My daughter lives with me and we are moving forward. I know that this outcome would have never been possible with out her tireless efforts. She was and still is my "Legal Champion". I would highly recommend her to anyone needing an attorney for, she is truly a top notch professional!

    Thank you Lindsey for all you have done.


  • Compassionate and Professional Representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Adam

    Lindsey's sense of compassion and knowledge of divorce law was a huge asset for me through my divorce. She was always available and answered my questions quickly and thoughtfully. I highly recommend her for any family law concerns you may have.

  • The Best!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jean

    Lindsey represented me in a case to obtain unpaid alimony. She was approachable, highly efficient and professional at all times, while making me feel like a valued client. Lindsey gave me the confidence to see the case through, and I appreciated her belief in my veracity. She was able to reassure me when things got tough, and to explain procedures and legal terms clearly to me at a layman's level. She won an out of court settlement for me, which I am very happy with. I would highly recommend Lindsey to anyone, and would use her services again without hesitation.

  • Lindsey Dasher

    5.0 stars

    Posted by KELLY

    Lindsey was honest and up front with all information concerning my case. She kept me informed about all aspects of the process of getting resolution. She was responsive when called or emailed. She was very professional to deal with in all phases of my time with her. I believe her attention to details were helpful for a more fair resolution to me.

  • Charlotte, NC Divorce Specialist

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Trey

    I received a referral to Lindsey for a complicated, overseas divorce. I had actually put off this divorce for a year because I knew the international component was going to the headache of headaches. Finally, I called Lindsey and began to explain the situation. I kept waiting for her to stop me and say, "wait, that is an issue..." Surprisingly she had only a few clarifying questions and said, "We can do this. Let me worry about the details."

    90 days later (after updates from her that included 'The Royal Mounted Canadian Police serving papers!) my divorce is official. This was as good of an experience as a divorce can be. Thank you Lindsey.

    If you are considering a lawyer for your divorce and you are reading this review....your search stops here my friend.

  • excellent lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by joseph c

    Mrs dasher was very hands on with my case. Everyone of my questions answered in a timely fashion. Always maintained contact with me and kept me updated with my case.