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Michel C. Daisley

About Michel Daisley

About me

     In a phrase, the mission of DaisleyLaw, PLLC is to provide unique, highly professional and intensely personal service to the field of personal injury and insurance law. The "sweet spot" of my practice is protecting the rights of those individuals and families who have been harmed by the recklessness of drunk and distracting drivers.

     That focus is enhanced by operating within the offices of one of the leading DWI defense law firms in the Southeast (PowersMcCartan, PLLC).  Also my 14 years as a Certified Mediator in N.C. Superior Civil Courts, assisted in the successful resolution of more than three hundred civil disputes, compliments my litigation experience with compassionate creativity and enhanced negotiation skills.


     Thus, at its very heart, the central task of my law practice is (and has been for more than a quarter century) to resolve disputes. Whether as an advocate or as a mediator my goal is to zealously advance my clients' best interests by bringing innovation, passion and compassion to the conference table as well as to the courtroom.


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