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F. "Bill" William Powers

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  • Reckless driving ticket.

    A few years ago I was pulled over for reckless driving. My charges were dismissed I was never arrested or anything. Anyway I applied for a driving job and I was wondering if a dismissed charge would show up and if it did would it say that it was d...

    F.’s Answer

    Nothing should show up, assuming there was no arrest, no plea, etc.

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  • Can a bail bondsman revoke my bond after they bail me out of jail and I fall behind on my payments that I set up with them?

    I was bailed out of jail & paid $700 up front and agreed to pay $75 a week. I got behind on payments & now the bondsman is saying they are going to revoke my bond.

    F.’s Answer

    Yes. Try to make arrangements to catch up ASAP.

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  • My brother got arrested for doing a good deed

    he wrote a letter of apology to the neighbors for raping their daughter when she was 8 ten years ago he felt remorse and needed to do it now he is held in jail on a 1 million dollar bond what should we do

    F.’s Answer

    good opinions from the ones posted so far. those are VERY VERY serious charges. hire an attorney without delay. and, it would be better to not have further contact with anyone about the case, especially the neighbor, the child and/or law enforcement.

    bill powers
    charlotte, nc

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  • I have dwlr tkts in 2 diff counties,, Cumberland, & Cleveland. Can I get 1 lawyer to handle both counties? Charges are 10yrs old

    Driving with license revoked in both cases

    F.’s Answer

    It's possible. Some firms focus their practices in a limited geographical region. Others will travel.

    Cumberland (Fayetteville) and Cleveland (Shelby) are a haul from one another. Depends a bit on the type of citation(s) and how they'd need to be addressed.

    Talk to an attorney and see what they can do to help. It's not that unusual for attorneys to work together on matters after consultation.

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  • I was charge for a dui for blowing a .16. But at the station i blew a .15 and my accy ck is .07. what does that mean?

    My brother blew a .08 and he dont even drink. Is it our blood level?

    F.’s Answer

    The .07 ACCY stands for Accuracy Check." The device runs a diagnostic test of sorts with an internal gas standard that is prepared at normally .07 or .08 at a certain Sea Level. The EC/IR II first runs an "Air Blank" that should be 0.0. Then the ACCY CHECK, then another air blank, the SUBJ TEST, Air Blank, SUBJ TEST and one last Air Blank.

    Given the complexity of such issues, makes sense to speak with experienced legal counsel.

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  • Naturalization with a criminal charge, not conviction?

    I got charged with a theft misdemeanor a couple months back. I haven't been "convicted" of it, however I wonder if its still going to bar me from getting naturalized? Do I have to answer "yes" to the question "have you been convited..." if it come...

    F.’s Answer

    Probably best to speak with an immigration attorney. Steve Garfinkle in Charlotte is excellent. Please say hello if you call.

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  • I was rear ended today, and am noticing pain in neck and wrist. Will my insurance company fight for me?

    I was driving today on a 4 lane highway. I saw a black truck driving against traffic directly at me. I could not swerve out of the lane, so I slowed down and came to a stop. Luckily, the truck did not hit me. I did get rear ended, though. I w...

    F.’s Answer

    1. Get healthy. That's the most important thing. Do what it takes medically.
    2. As important it may be to secure competent legal counsel, #1 is focusing on getting over the physical harm issues.

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