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William K. Diehl Jr.

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  • Hall of Fame Caliber Attorney ~ The Best Bull Dog in the Legal Profession

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jim

    Bill Diehl, you cannot afford to not use him

    Upfront he has no time for bs. He does not need new clients. He rolls up his sleeves, gets to know you first and the case details next. If he believes in You, your good to go. He will go to bat for you and pick you up when your emotions are in the dug out. The man always does what he says he is going to do and gets it done. He is very well connected in the legal community. Respected in the Federal Courts for being extremely thorough, prepared and having timely execution during pre-trial negotiations.

    Case Summary
    As a early riser, climbing the ranks quickly in a NYC Based Investment Bank with an Regional Office in Charlotte, pundits advised me to hire wall street experienced counsel from NYC. However, the case was brought to the US Attorney Ofc. in Charlotte and it was the SEC defending a large bank vs. a group of young successful traders and several of our investment clients.

    He took on the case, outside of his traditional realm of representation, because he saw it as a challenge, realized a clear picture from the beginning of what was going on. As the matter carried out, He basically took on the SEC, the US Attorney and several other 3 letter agencies of the government and set the story straight for me.

    Not knowing the trading business, he had me teach him the basics of my main job responsibilities, just like he made US Air Ways Corp. teach him how to fly a large aircraft before he could defend them in a wrongful death suit (that he won) after a plane crash.

    I taught him the basics and he treated my case with the utmost attention and respect, even though he had much higher profile cases and clients going on at the same time.

    For 5 + years Investigations went on at the Governments expense (looking into the backgrounds of trades and positions of institutional investments held and traded out by our clients) where everyone had made money, paid taxes, even donated large sums of monies to great causes. He was offered several settlements along the way that he didnt think made sense, was willing to have his associates dig deep enough into the matters until he was able to show the case was ultimately built around people in private investment business doing the business they do every day with more creativity than the conventional way the banks were doing business at the time.

    He had the foresight to see a changing landscape on Wall Street and in Banking and thought that our case was just a few years ahead of its time. Based on what we have seen within the banking sector within the last 5 years, he was 'dead on' and saw it coming 10 years ahead. For our group and me, he uncovered the greed and corporate positioning of one of the biggest banking players (HQ in Charlotte) during the industry consolidation of commercial and investment banks, picking on the little guys with an entrepreneurial investment strategy that was impacting one of their corporate merger opportunities.

    The case appeared in print to be so much bigger than it ever was, he saw that immediately and helped me navigate through it to keep a positive & productive focus.

    Now, he demands the clear and concise facts from his clients and He may come across a bit crass and direct , but he always lets others know where they stand and exactly what you are going to have to do to help him ~ help you. He gets paid well as a result of his wise skills in negotiating, case foresight & preparedness, and expects you to be a big part of the research of your own case matter ~ but if you believe in him and he believes in You ~ he has an amazing talent of massaging a meaningful outcome.

    I look back today and am extremely thankful that I hired him, took his advice (even though it ended a career i was a rising star in and passionate about) ~ he guided me to clarity through the fog and is still a trusted advisor to me and my clients