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Samuel J. Randall IV

About Samuel Randall

About me

 ANYONE can be arrested

     I defend individuals and companies in State and Federal court.  I understand that if you are accused of committing a crime your freedom, your family, your reputation and your job may be at stake.  Don't hire an attorney based solely upon an advertisement.  With so much at stake, be certain of your attorney's competence, reputation and experience as a criminal defense attorney


      If you or a loved one have been arrested and charged with a crime in North Carolina or have learned that you may be the subject or target of a State or Federal criminal investigation, the most important decision you can make is deciding who will represent you in fighting against these charges or in putting a halt to the investigation. Being accused of a crime is a most serious matter. Having a criminal conviction on one's record can have long-standing and devastating consequences for you and your family. The criminal defense attorney that you or your family should turn to should be one who possesses the highest level of professional skills, who has for years successfully represented people accused of wrongdoing, and who can assure you and your family that you will receive the kind of personalized attention and care that you deserve under this most trying of circumstances.


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