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  • LONG STORY BUT READ IT!!!!! Save yourself!!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Licensing client

    This lawyer by far provided the worst experience I've ever had in my life, bar none! The long story behind my charge... "My license was suspended In July '10 for a DWI charge. I accept that. But May 13th '11 My girlfriend and I were riding around, (I wasnt driving of course) But my girlfriend has Lupus and Rheumetoid arthritis. Later that day we were still out and she had a sudden flare up. She was in severe pain, so I had to take the wheel to get home. Mind you I do/did have a limited driving privilege. So I get LITERALLY 150ft away from my driveway when the cop lights come on!! Wasnt speeding or making an infraction. Girlfriend's tags were expired, which neither of us knew at that moment. Now, My privileges were FROM 6AM TO 10:30PM. It was then 11:15pm. Out of my range. So I knew there was a chance that I may be in trouble but she needed her medication and food. So I just drove all the way to my drive way. The cop was very unforgiving even after seeing my girl's condition. Arrested me and the second officer to the scene also voiced that my girl was in bad condition and needed medical attention. The ambulance and fire squad showed up and saw that she was in super pain and they all voiced their opinion on the matter in favor of our circumstances. I was released from jail (after 12 hours). Month later I go to my arraignment to be officially charged with DWLR. I was unemployed at the time and did not have the funds to hire my own attorney so I opted for a public defender. This is where Justin Witt comes in!!! I'm never contacted by him at all!! in any way!! I call him several times understnding that he has court obligations so I call at various times and leave messages. He never calls me back. The first court date we got a continuance. He never handled anything! Next court date Sept 16th 2011, here is where it gets good!! I get to court early and sit there for an hour looking for this curly head, young looking guy to show up. Instead an assistant shows up and calls my name. Now mind you she looks just as young and unpromising as he did. She tells me that Mr. Witt is "out sick!" On my court date and I was the only one in court under his case load that day!!! She automatically tries to go for the railroad tactic and tells me to take anything I can get becaause the judge is an a-hole which proved to be very true. But I will get to that. I asked her if there was any way I could ease the pain on the circumstances I explained to witt. She looked at me completely clueless! He had not briefed her at all on my case. So Im forced to explain everything I just explained to you, 10 minutes before I go before the judge!! AAAHHH!!! The assistant gets in front of the judge and completely drops the ball. She was very daunted and nervous, not to mention she clearly had no recognition in the court house. Oh yeah, the arresting officer was a dick because he made it seem as if I took him on a high speed chase and I had 3 pounds of Colombian blow in my trunk! So the Judge gives me 30 DAYS in mecklenburg county jail!!!! No bail, no probation. 30 DAYS!! Not to mention I have a squeaky clean record with the exception of the dwi! So the little assistant appeals it and the judge (judge Moore) who probably has erectile dysfunction and is mad at the world sets my bail at $5,000!!! Again released after 12 hours and paying $500 I had to squeeze out of a rock! SIDE NOTE:My baby Crystle stayed at that jail every second from the time I got locked up around 3pm to the time I got out 3:30am!! Love you babe!!! Over this whole ordeal I have spoken with Witt ONCE!!! And he still has my driving privilege papers and I cant drive until I have them. Luckily I now have a good, PAID Lawyer that is handling it. If you can stay away from public defenders, Please please do! They are overloaded with work and have no time to work on your case exclusively. But if you have to take one because of finances, I suggest you do some research on the law yourself! Thanks for listening!