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Nathan Workman

About Nathan Workman

About me

If not knowing the answer to a question drives you crazy, we have a lot in common. In fact, that was the main reason why I became an attorney. Before law school, I worked as a technology consultant for a Big 4 firm and owned a small business—and I felt apprehensive every time I encountered a legal issue. I found it challenging to find any clear guidance that would help me solve the real-world problems I faced. Additionally, it always seemed that well-intentioned people came out on the losing end too often in court, and that law was only there to penalize the unwary. As a result, I went to law school to get the knowledge I needed to defend myself as a small business owner.


After enrolling at law school, my attitude towards the law changed pretty quickly, largely due to a case from my property law class, Armory v. Delamirie. Here’s a quick rundown: in England back in 1722, a poor, young chimney sweeper found a jewel and went to a jeweler to have it appraised. The jeweler lied about its value, and when the boy demanded the return of the jewel, the jeweler kept it. 


While most of the students in the class, myself included, were wrapped up in the legal rules and issues involved in the case, my property professor pointed out a fact that we all overlooked—the chimney sweeper was poor, and had no means or resources to get the jewel back. Somewhere, a compassionate lawyer listened to the devastated child and cared about him enough to represent him without any expectation of a fee—and that lawyer won back the value of the jewel. The lawyer also won back my faith in the legal system, as I realized that the law can immeasurably help people, especially when they are in the hands of an attorney who cares.


Every day, I’m motivated by the desire to help clients—taking their great opportunities, personal dilemmas, or major life changes, and transforming them into defining moments in their lives. I take that job very seriously, and I work hard to earn and maintain the trust of my clients.


Outside the office, I enjoy woodworking, watching movies, and perfecting "Blackbird" by the Beatles on guitar. I also do a lot of volunteer work, mainly with the Union West Rotary Club, Habitat for Humanity, and the American Red Cross.

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