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Guess vs. Parrott

Case Conclusion Date: 01.24.2002

Practice Area: Personal injury

Outcome: $525,000 Personal Injury Settlement

Description: Mr. Guess was driving in the NC mountains when the trailer of a Georgia truck crossed the centerline and struck his vehicle, knocking it off the road. Mr. Guess suffered injuries to his leg, hip, and back. Mr. Guess was initially represented by another firm, and the first trial ended with a hung jury, the jury being unable to determine whether Mr. Guess was at fault in causing the collision. Mr. Kelso took over the case and hired an expert accident reconstructionist who prepared a computer animation of the accident. The new information was effective in convincing the trucker's insurance carrier that their insured was at fault, and the case was settled in mediation in January 2002 for $525,000, an amount much higher than was offered prior to Mr. Kelso taking the case. Outcomes may vary from case to case, but Mr. Guess was pleased with the outcome Mr. Kelso helped him obtain in this case.

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