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Lloyd T. Kelso

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  • Obtaining an Absolute Divorce

    Obtaining an absolute divorce is necessary to change a spouse's status from married to single. If married, it is necessary to obtain an absolute divorce before a spouse can marry someone else. In North Carolina, there are two grounds for the court to grant an absolute divorce. Th...

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    Parties, attorneys, and judges may find the following checklist of factors helpful as a tool for assessing which parent is most likely to be the best custodian of a minor child in a contested custody dispute. The checklist may also be used to assess a change in circumstances in a...

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  • Rules for Working with Your Spouse on an Agreement

    1. Avoid Court Proceedings Agree that having a written agreement will help both you and your spouse avoid the expenses, lost time, stress, and uncertainty associated with court proceedings. 2. Read T

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  • Grounds for Termination of Parental Rights in North Carolina

    (1) Abuse or Neglect The parent has abused or neglected the child. The child shall be deemed to be abused or neglected if the court finds the child to be an abused child within the meaning of N.C. Ge

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  • When a Spouse Is Liable in North Carolina for Debts of the Other Spouse

    The Doctrine of Necessaries The doctrine of necessaries arose from the common law duty of the husband to provide for the necessary expenses of his wife and child.[FN1] Under the necessaries doctrine,

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  • Avoid Losing Alimony and/or Equitable Distribution Claims

    Claims for Alimony and Equitable Distribution Beware of handling your own divorce as you may lose valuable legal rights. It is important that spouses who separate be aware that they have certain lega

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  • Absolute Divorce Law in North Carolina

    This guide provides a brief summary of the law related to absolute divorce in North Carolina.

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