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Matthew Dabbney Pineda

Matthew Pineda’s Legal Guides

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  • Zeroed Out Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts (GRATS)

    This should not be construed as legal advice: Zeroed Out Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts are a valuable tool for estate planning purposes. Many times these types of trusts are utilized when an individual has an asset that they anticipate will have significant upcoming appreciati...

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  • Foreclosure in North Carolina: Elements that must be proven at the clerk's level hearing

    North Carolina General Statute 45-21.16 addresses power of sale foreclosures in the State of North Carolina. The statute dictates that the hearing for the power of sale foreclosure is held before the clerk of court in the county where the land is situated. The clerk need only fin...

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  • How to decide who to name as personal representative in your Last Will and Testament

    Who may serve as Personal Representative? Pursuant to Florida Statutes, you may select any adult who is a resident of Florida to serve as your personal representative. For example, if you wish to nam

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  • Planning for Incapacity

    Tools to Plan for Incapacity

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