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Glenn S. Doyle

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  • What to Bring to Your Divorce Consultation

    As a Raleigh divorce attorney, we advise all potential clients who make appointments to bring certain things with them to help us provide the best information possible in the shortest amount of time. None of this information is required, however the more you can bring, the better result you see.

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  • Handling Bank Accounts and Credit Cards When You Are Separating

    What do you do with credit cards and bank accounts if you are separating? How do you protect your savings and your credit? How can you pay a divorce attorney and have money to live on? Here are three tips that can help you make good decisions and avoid mistakes when preparing for a separation.

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  • Separation Agreement Checklist

    Are you and your spouse in agreement on the major issues involved in your separation? Ensure you cover all of the basics in your Separation Agreement and Property Settlement with this checklist.

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  • How to win a child custody case

    Child custody cases are some of the most passionate and hard fought cases in family court. Everyone knows that their time with their children is on the line. Learn how prove you are good parent in court.

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  • Do You Need A Pre-Nuptial Agreement?

    Anyone contemplating marriage could benefit from a prenuptial agreement. Also called premarital agreements, these contracts can solve potential divorce related heartache before your marriage. I realize bringing up a pre-nup on the way to the rehearsal dinner is not going to be co...

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  • Dividing "Stock Options" In Divorce

    What exactly is a "stock option" and how can it be valued and divided under North Carolina's Equitable Distribution Statute? This article deals on with common stock option scenarios in divorce cases. Learn some practical tips and solutions to a complicated divorce problem.

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