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  • James R. “Jim” Black was Grossly Disloyal to me.

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    Jim Black refused to investigate the State's only alleged Witness-Victim, an Impersonator, who falsely accused me of Assault, and of using “The N Word” when I donated two items to a still-unknown employee at Goodwill Industries. She was serving a community service sentence at GW for a drug conviction. She was intoxicated on hard, illegal narcotics, and didn't feel like doing any work. The Impersonator is a manager at GW. This case was all about the Black Mafia and Black politics. GW appears to traffic in drugs, and to bribe officials. GW submitted a fake, re-enacted video of the Scene to the Court, and destroyed the official surveillance video. GW stonewalled me, all the way, as did the corrupt Apex, NC cops. The Apex Police Chief retired early, soon afterward.

    He repeatedly refused to resign when I fired him. It took me three 130-mile trips to Court to fire him. He argued against me each time, stating that I was a crazy conspiracy theorist because I had fired three preceding Attorneys, none of whom would investigate the Impersonator-Perjuror. Such delayed my Case by about six months. I stayed in NC only to defend myself in this Case. The Case took two years, sixteen trips to court, and 20 trips to Raleigh, total. I moved out of the State, soon afterward.

    He ordered a psychological evaluation of me, even though three preceding Attorneys, fourteen Judges, and two ADAs did not see such a need. It took me nine days to write a nine-page description of facts and arguments for the shrink. Jim never stated a reason for such an evaluation. If the shrink had concluded that I was not fit to stand trial, I would never be able to get a job, apartment, gun permit, or insurance, etc. And I would have been sent to a mental hospital, and forced to take drugs.

    He did a background check on me to find dirt on me that the Court couldn't find. Any dirt would escalate any sentence I would get. He talked to me about traffic tickets he found.

    He accepted my Case from the Public Defender's Office, even though his specialty was DUI cases. Therefore, he had a conflict of interest, never mind the inappropriate assignment, both of which he failed to disclose to me. He used me to curry favor with the ADA in my Assault Case to get brownie points for his DUI cases, his bread and butter. He even smirked at the ADA every time he handed my thick, 250-page file (95% written by me, between Attorneys, because my Attorneys failed to defend me) to the ADA.

    He failed to reply to about 75% of the questions I wrote to him. He pretended that he never received some of my e-mail. How does an Attorney receive only some of a client's e-mail? Apparently, he doesn't know the laws about archiving e-mail.

    My next Attorney succeeded in having my Case Dismissed, overturning my Conviction in the lower Court.