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Collin Patrick Cook

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  • Will I be arrested and my time served revoked for not showing up for weekend jail due to snow, even if I called my PO?

    Serving a 20-day weekend jail sentence for a DUI conviction. Was supposed to report to jail by 4 on a Monday but inclement weather prevented my ride from coming at the last minute. Called my PO and her supervisor but got no answer, did leave messa...

    Collin’s Answer

    Contact your probation officer immediately. If your PO has not yet returned your phone messages, go to his or her office where you meet with them and ask to see them. If they are not there leave a note for them. If you have followed through with all of the terms and conditions of your probation up until this point, your probation officer will most likely reschedule your next jail weekend. There was indeed a snow storm in this area and the courts were shut down Tuesday, so hopefully if there are no other issues with you complying with probation the probation officer will understand that it was not your fault. Just make sure it does not happen again. The probation officer does have the discretion to file a violation report against you and bring you to court, so your goal should be to convince him or her that this was a one time thing that was beyond your control.

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