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US v. P.T.F.

Case Conclusion Date: 10.16.2007

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Defendant pled guilty and sentenced to 250 months

Description: Defendant was a police officer in a rural county in North Carolina and participated in on-going criminal activities with other corrupt officers and certain drug dealers. They would use their police vehicles and badges to stop and detain other drug dealers and steal their drugs and/or money, or in certain cases to kidnap them and hold them for ransom/exchange for drugs. Conducted several home invasions resulting in one innocent man being set afire twice because of his refusal to disclose his stash of drugs/$ (turned out they had the wrong house/victim--this person ended up not being a drug dealer). Combined FBI/NC State Bureau of Investigation task force resulted in the arrest and prosecution of more than 20 officers. Through cooperation and guilty plea, defendant was able to avoid a certain life sentence.

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