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In the Matter of B.H.

Case Conclusion Date: 04.16.2008

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Released from custody--all charges dropped

Description: Defendant was an Iraqi national who worked for an international news organization based in New York as a photojournalist. He won the Pulitzer Prise in 2005 for his pictures and reporting out of Fallujah and was arrested by US forces in Ramadi, Iraq in 2006. Held for two years without formal charges, his defense team confronted allegations raised by the U.S. about his activities with terrorists in Anbar Province and appeared on his behalf in Baghdad before the Central Criminal Courts of Iraq and an investigatory magistrate judge. All allegations were addressed and refuted by the defense and the defendant was released in April 2008 after two Iraqi Amnesty Commissions granted him amnesty for all allegations leveled by the US

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